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Here is what we are doing to protect our guests against COVID-19.

  1. We’re offering free cancellation to all of our guests.
  2. Sanitizing everything that was touched during          check-in & check out.
  3. Rooms that were used will be left for 72 hours before cleaning to protect our staff and prevent cross contamination between guests. (It is difficult for the virus to survive more than 72 hours on any surface.)
  4. Our complimentary breakfast won’t be available until the issue is not critical.

Soak in and relax

Radium Hot Springs is Current Closed

For more information please visit:

Meet the Neighbours

The Village of Radium Hot Springs is perhaps the best place in Canada to view exquisite mountain wildlife. Bighorn sheep lead the list of wildlife you are likely to see. The herd, approximately 140 of these majestic animals roam throughout the town and nearby attractions on any given day!

The Best Experience Ever

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