Here are the items/services we offer before your arrival at the moment

$5 – Reserve a parking spot in front your room until your arrival – Ground floor rooms only. Restriction may apply for some rooms.
$10 – Room disinfection – We will spray your room with the solution effective against COVID and tons of other viruses and germs
$5 daily – Portable foot massager – Your feet need some rejuvenation after an all day hiking.
$2 each – Facial mask sheets – Radium has dry atomsphere all season. Moistrurize your face with some fun.
$5 daily – Baby crib – A crib with a twin size sheet.
$5 daily – Roku streaming stick – Don’t miss your favorite shows and movies while you stay with us.

If you would like to place an order, please email us at

**All items are subject to availability.