• Rooms rates are based on double occupancy. Extra person charges are $10/person.
  • Children under 12 stay free.
  • Minimum three night reservations on long weekends. Summer weekends (Mid-June to Mid-September) are 2 night minimum stays
  • Pets are subject to management approval. There is a pet fee of $20/day.
  • Hot Breakfast is served from 8am- 10am.
  • Free Breakfast is for registered guests only. Friends/family visiting you at the Motel are welcome to join you for breakfast at $8/person. Please let us know in advance if you can (limited availability).
  • Room guests cannot exceed maximum capacity for any reason. 
  • Undeclared guests are subject to a $200 fine per day. 
  • All rooms, sidewalks and balconies are NON-SMOKING. Fines from $250 per offense.
  • We strictly enforce a 11 pm QUIET TIME.
  • Check Out time is 11 am
  • Check In is 4 pm unless the room is ready for you.

    Cancellation Policy

    At the Crystal Springs Motel there is a 24 hour cancellation policy for rooms reserved directly with our front desk. There is a 3 day cancellation policy for rooms reserved on online booking engines (Bookings.com/Expedia).  You must contact them to arrange cancellation. Rooms booked as non-refundable are charged when booked, and are NON-REFUNDABLE .

    Rooms canceled on the day of arrival will be subject to a charge of the full room rate unless we are able to rebook the room. Help us help you! Please call us even on the day of arrival so we can adjust our schedule and work our hardest to try to eliminate any fees being charged to your account. Life happens and we understand that.

    Pet Policy

    At the Crystal Springs Motel we have pet free & pet friendly room options. If you are traveling with furry companions they are subject to management approval and there is a pet fee of $20/day. As we have both pet free and friendly rooms we must be advised if you are traveling with your pet so that we can place you in the proper unit type. If you are booking online you can advise us of your traveling companions in the comment section of your reservation. Guests that fail to notify us of any furry companions traveling with them, may be refused their reservation if no pet friendly options are available. Please let us know in advance of your furry friends so that your check-in can go as smoothly as possible.

    • Pets must be on a leash and under control at all times
    • Pets must be cleaned up after. If you require bags we would be more than happy to provide some to you at at the front desk.
    • Pets cannot be left unattended in rooms unless they are crated, quiet and only alone for short periods of time.
    • Rooms that have pets left unattended will not receive housekeeping due to the potential for injury, stress or escape.
    • Pets can join you on the patio and seating areas as long as they are under control and are not a danger to other guests.
    • If your pet prefers to stay on the bed with you please advise us so that we can provide you with a cover for your bedding.
    • If the weather is not sunny we can provide you with rags upon request to wipe any muddy paws. 
    • Pets are never allowed in the lobby.